Borjomi Georgian Mineral Water - 24 Pack Sparkling Water Cans (11.15 Fl. Oz. ea) - 100% Natural Spring Mineral Water

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  • TASTES LIKE NATURE - Ever wonder what natural volcanic mineral water tastes like? It tastes like nature. Drinking water renowned for its signature bold taste and Earth-instilled carbonation, this naturally mineral infused water is perfectly balanced with refreshing bubbles.
  • HIGH MINERAL CONTENT - Naturally enriched with electrolytes for 1,500 years, Borjomi sparkling water contains a unique composition of 60 Earth-infused minerals. Its composition is unchanged since first recorded in 1890.
  • CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS NATURAL SPRING WATER - Borjomi water is naturally sparkling mineral water canned at the Borjomi region spring source in the country of Georgia. It is now being imported to be available in the US.
  • DRINK IT ALONE OR DELICIOUSLY PAIRED - Any meal is a treat when paired with Borjomi. Cocktails made with Borjomi canned sparkling water become distinctive spritzers, and your favorite wine is heightened alongside it. Or simply chill to enjoy.
  • SAY IT: BOR-ZHO-MI - Borjomi canned water is propelled to the Earth's surface by a naturally pressurized, volcanic water spring 5 miles underground. A limited amount is collected annually to ensure this priceless resource is sustained.
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