Adjika Gourmet Hot Sauce Variety Pack, 13 fl. oz. Glass Bottles (Pack of 3) Georgian Cuisine Pepper Sauce
About this item Adjika trio Includes the most common varieties - red, green and tomato based. Red adjika resembles Mediterranean Harissa, while the green variety resembles Latin American Chimichurri in appearance and consistency. Shipped in glass bottle: these condiments are...
$28.00 $24.00
Elementary Georgian: Learn Georgian easily with this Self Help book.
Self Study book for Elementary Georgian language including the alphabet. Learn to build your vocabulary of spoken thoughts as you progress through the lessons. Audio files of the lessons are available on WWW.ANIMORROW.COM.
$41.00 $32.99
The Georgian Feast: The Vibrant Culture and Savory Food of the Republic of Georgia
"Every Georgian dish is a poem."—Alexander Pushkin According to Georgian legend, God took a supper break while creating the world. He became so involved with his meal that he inadvertently tripped over the high peaks of the Caucasus, spilling his...
$29.00 $21.99
Supra: A Feast of Georgian Cooking
Bordered by Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia, and situated at a crossroads on an ancient East-West trading route, Georgia’s rich and diverse history is nowhere more evident than through its cuisine and legendary hospitality.Central and unique to the culinary tradition...
$39.00 $29.99
Churchkhela - Georgian Delight Vegan Candy 270gr/9.5oz
Product Of Georgia Traditional Georgian Sweets BE MINDFUL: With time, a white powdery coating might appear on the product which is natural grape sugar condensate. Churchkhela Feeds The Brain Rkatsiteli Churchkhela With Walnuts
$26.00 $21.99
Tkemali Georgian sauce 3-pack value variety pack
Delicious Authentic Georgian Sauce Tkemali perfect with meat
$30.00 $24.00
Tkemali Georgian European Gourmet Sauces, 13 oz Bottle, 3Count Variety Pack Red, Green,Yellow Sour Plum Sauces, Gluten-Free, Kosher Certified Condiments,
About this item GEORGIAN WILD PLUM SAUCE: PMONA Tkemali European Gourmet Sour Plum Sauce is made from red, green and yellow wild plums and is the perfect marinade or condiment for fried or grilled meat, poultry, fish and vegetable dishes...
$29.00 $22.99
Khmeli-Suneli (Georgian Style Dry Spice) PACK OF 3
Khmeli-Suneli (Georgian Style Dry Spice) Made in USA
$40.00 $30.99
Borjomi Sparkling Mineral Water - 6 Pack PET Bottled Water (25.3 Fl. Oz. ea)
About this item HIGH MINERAL CONTENT – Naturally enriched with electrolytes for 1,500 years, Borjomi sparkling water contains a unique composition of 60 Earth-infused minerals. Its composition is unchanged since first recorded in 1890. DRINK IT ALONE OR DELICIOUSLY PAIRED...
$32.00 $23.99
Georgia Country Flag Map Outline Silhouette Decal Sticker Car Vinyl no bkgrd b
Brand Name: NoEnName_NullSticker Placement: The Whole BodyDesign: cartoonModel: OemMaterial Type: OtherType: Glue StickerPackaging: Comes Packagedis_customized: YesType Of Sticker: Car BodyCategory: PVC
from $7.00
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