Tbilisi Puzzle ასაწყობი პაზლი თბილისი
Colorful view of Tbilisi, depicting the city's multicultural heritage through historic buildings. Beyond an activity, it's a visual celebration of diverse history.As you piece it together, you're immersed in the city's unique blend of tradition and modernity, forming a beautiful...
Folk Art dolls , Primitive Dolls, GEORGIAN handmade Home Decor
Looking for a unique and charming addition to your home decor? Look no further than these Folk Art Dolls! These handmade Primitive Dolls feature Georgian-style clothing and accessories, adding a touch of vintage flair to any space.Each doll is crafted...
Souvenir Dolls from GEORGIA
The souvenir dolls are dressed in traditional clothes of GEORGIA (country), they represent the national character, history, culture and traditions. Can be used as collective items as well as memorable souvenirs to decorate your interior.Size: 10 inchesThe face is painted...
$115.50 $55.00
National Costume Dolls
Handmade Couple Doll with National Costume GEORGIASize: 10 inchesMaterials: Artificial fur, Ceramic clay face, acrylic paint, wire, fabric, fillerThe face is hand painted with acrylicClothes are not removable.It has a hanger.Not a child's toy. Just for decorationThank you for looking...
The wines of Georgia (Classic Wine Library)
The Republic of Georgia can claim over 8,000 years of winemaking history. However, the current wine industry is very young. Following independence from the Soviet Union, Georgia has for the last 25 years been resurrecting its unique winemaking tradition and...
$55.00 $43.99
Beginner's Georgian with 2 Audio CDs (Hippocrene Beginner's)
This book is designed for both classroom use and self-study. Each of the 13 lessons opens with a dialogue about an everyday topic, followed by vocabulary lists, explanations of grammar, and exercises. Audio CDs accompany the lessons, providing correct pronunciation...
$73.00 $59.00
Georgian: A Reading Grammar (English and Georgian Edition)
This course is specially designed to teach how to read Georgian literature. It is intended for beginners, and starts by teaching the unique Georgian alphabet and basic pronunciation. The reading and translation passages have been selected from both classical and...
$58.00 $48.00
Borjomi Georgian Mineral Water - 12 Pack Glass Bottled Water (16.9 Fl. Oz. ea) - 100% Natural Sparkling Mineral Water
About this item TASTES LIKE NATURE - Ever wonder what natural volcanic mineralized water tastes like? It tastes like nature. Our volcanic water is premium bottled water renowned for its signature bold taste and natural carbonation by the Earth. This...
$67.00 $49.99
Borjomi Georgian Mineral Water - 24 Pack Sparkling Water Cans (11.15 Fl. Oz. ea) - 100% Natural Spring Mineral Water
About this item TASTES LIKE NATURE - Ever wonder what natural volcanic mineral water tastes like? It tastes like nature. Drinking water renowned for its signature bold taste and Earth-instilled carbonation, this naturally mineral infused water is perfectly balanced with...
$59.00 $45.99
A soft and comfy unisex hoodie that fits all your hoodie needs. The fleece fabric makes it a great partner all year round, be it a summer evening on the beach, or a Christmas dinner in a mountain cabin. •...
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